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Your Journey

Start with a private consultation with a member of our medical staff. Our knowledgeable doctor or nurse will review your medical history, current concerns, advise on necessary investigations and answer all your questions regarding the treatment options

TRIal Treatment

On completion of your medical evaluation, you will be offered a 5 minute trial treatment supervised by our medical staff.

Book Your Treatments

Our medical staff will advise you on the number and frequency of treatments required to optimize your results. We know life is busy so you will be able to book all your treatment sessions in advance to accommodate your life schedule!

EnJOY YOur Treatments

Each  session will be completed in the privacy of your own room. On arrival, our doctor or nurse will evaluate your progress and make appropriate adjustments. Bring your favourite book or magazine, connect to our wifi and enjoy a coffee or tea while your pelvic floor strengthens! 

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