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IncontiLase® is a gentle laser procedure for treating stress and mixed urinary incontinence. Laser light in a patented Fotona SMOOTH® pulsing mode is delivered to the vaginal surface through a specially designed delivery system that is designed to be gentle and painless. It results in mild heating of the tissue, which triggers the formation of new collagen and strengthens pelvic support, helping to effectively stop or minimize involuntary urine leakage during physical activities, coughing or sneezing. The treatment works best in mild and moderate stress urinary incontinence patients, with very good results in for severe stress urinary incontinence as well. Mixed incontinence patients get relief in stress symptoms.

For the majority of patients, two sessions of IncontiLase® with a one-month interval were sufficient to alleviate mild or even moderate stress urinary incontinence. No special pre-op preparations or post-op precautions are necessary. Patients can immediately return to their normal everyday activities. Additional advantages of IncontiLase® are that the procedure is incisionless and virtually painless, with no ablation, cutting, bleeding, or sutures. Recovery is extremely quick without need for the use of analgesics or antibiotics.

IncontiLase® treatments can be added to your HIFEM Emsella treatments in a customized package. Additional fees will apply.

$525 + tax per session

Package of 3 sessions $1500+tax

Animated Video of Incontilase

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