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EMSELLA HIFEM treatments are Health Canada and FDA approved for men.

Pelvic floor weakness in men can lead to erectile dysfunction (difficulty attaining or maintaining erection) and premature ejaculation. Pelvic floor strengthening with Emsella can increase penile rigidity and  hardness in men with ED and improve control over time until ejaculation.

Men also suffer from incontinence related to pelvic floor weakness.  Pelvic surgeries such as prostatectomy, or bladder surgery in particular can cause incontinence or erectile dysfunction. Incontinence in men typically presents as a small amount of dribbling during workouts or at the end of the day.


Chronic cough and obesity can put pressure on the bladder and lead to stress incontinence. 


Some men suffer from urge incontinence – a need to urinate frequently or dribbling when the bladder is full and Emsella can help improve symptoms.


Emsella  HIFEM treatments may lead to increased sensitivity during sexual intercourse and possibly offer relief from erectile dysfunction.


Prostatectomy for cancer treatment or for enlarged prostate can result in erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction can result from nerve damage or from underlying conditions such as weak pelvic floor.


Emsella high intensity electromagnetic therapy strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor in men.

Hypertrophy of the pelvic muscles allow them to block the outflow of blood leaving the penis. As a result better erections may follow.

Sexual dysfunction may improve with two treatments every week for three weeks. Each treatment session is 28 minutes. You will experience 11,200 supra maximal contractions in each session.

Maintenance therapy will have you returning every 3 to 9 months for 2 to 3 treatments each therapy.

Therapy before and after prostatectomy may enhance the chances of maintaining erectile function and control of bladder leaking.


90,000 PROSTATECTOMIES annually in the United States.
174,000 diagnosed with prostate cancer every year
Most common complication?  INVOLUNTARY LOSS OF URINE!!
Other benign reasons for urine loss in men: obesity, uncontrolled diabetes, chronic cough as with asthmatics and neurologic disorders

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